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Applied Topics in Midwifery Practice: Training for Distance Education Teaching

Started Feb 15, 2021
0.5 credits

$62.50 Enroll

Full course description

Course Title: Applied Topics in Midwifery Practice: Training for Distance Education Teaching

Course Number: MW450_103

Credits: 0.5

Course Description:

The Training for Distance Education Teaching course provides enrollees with the following areas of instruction:

  1. Training includes how to navigate Canvas including setting up your profile, sending and answering emails within Canvas, how to make class announcements, how to grade, where to find the course objectives, creating discussions, utilizing Grammarly, linking websites, adding assignments, unenrolling students
  2. Instruction on how essential competencies are linked within the course, how to make changes to the curriculum, writing a mid-trimester exam, update reading requirements, updating knowledge and technology, determining discussions, deciding how to split material, creating enrichment activities
  3. Adult teaching and learning concepts of Fink's Learning Taxonomy, distance education pedagogy and platforms are discussed as well as issues of plagiarism, HIPAA, and FERPA.
  4. Issues of cultural sensitivity and versatility including cultural competency, humility, validating lived experiences, and discussing race in midwifery education.
  5. Approaches to Competency-based education and methods for recognizing mastery are demonstrated including ways to validate clinical learning and teaching.

Lumina Learning Objectives (Links to an external site.)

Learning Activities: 

  1. Student reads appropriate sections from the Learning Materials/Resources.
  2. Student completes self-reflection assignments.
  3. Student sets up details, announcements, grading, and assignments within the learning management system.
  4. Student completes a FERPA training including case studies and final summative assessment.
  5. Student composes an email using the Canvas system, sets up their user profile.
  6. Student updates the syllabus, edits assignments, splits materials into modules, and imports pages. 
  7. Student creates discussion questions.
  8. Student visits group within Canvas. 
  9. Student learns how to link rubrics to assignments and use these for grading. 

Learning Materials / Resources:

  1. Equity in Midwifery Education Webinar Series: Incorporating Antiracism Coursework into a Cultural Competency Curriculum (Links to an external site.)

  2. (Links to an external site.)

  3.  (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Extra Training Video Resources
Hand Signals for Meetings
Advanced Zoom Skills

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the following laws and how they apply to the preceptor-student relationship FERPA, understanding plagiarism, copyright law, HIPAA training
  2. Become familiar with the NCM policies and procedures specifically our Equity StatementNon-Discrimination Statement and PolicyAmericans with Disabilities Policy, Online Discussion Policy and the Incivility, Bullying and Workplace Violence Position Statement.
  3. Set up your profile
  4. Send an email within Canvas
  5. Make class announcements
  6. Find the course objectives
  7. Create online discussions
  8. Know how to link a website
  9. Know how to add an assignment
  10. Know how to unenroll students
  11. Understand how essential competencies are linked within the course.
  12. Understand how to make changes to the curriculum and which changes require approval.
  13. Review reading requirements
  14. Update knowledge and technology
  15. Understand how to determine what questions make good discussions.
  16. Understand how to split material and how to decide where to make the divisions.
  17. Understand how to create interesting enrichment activities.

*Note this course is not part of NCM's MEAC approved programs. Course credit is provided as a way to calculate the number of hours a Preceptor spends finishing the course. The standard higher education equation is a 1 credit course is equivalent to 45 hours of study time (spent in and out of the course) therefore, this 0.25 credit course is worth ~11.25 hours.