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Midwifery Practice The Game

Time limit: 365 days

$100 Enroll

Full course description

Course Description: A midwifery practice does not just appear out of thin air – first, you must have clients! Obstetric history, gestation, due date, drive time to a hospital, relationship status, age, race, culture, religion, occupation are all elements of your clients before they even reach your door for care. Then there are the clinical elements you uncover as you provide care: labs, complaints, education, complications, and even emergencies. 

In Midwifery Practice, you will create realistic clients and care scenarios that you will have to chart, reflect on, provide education and make tough clinical decisions, all in the effort for your client to deliver safely. Roll dice to build up your client’s demographics and answer questions during prenatal visits. Chart their pregnancy journey using your own system or the simple one provided to gain experience. Improve your critical thinking skills by role-playing real emergencies. Play this game pretending to be a primary under supervision, a solo practitioner, or part of a group practice. In this game the players aren’t the winners, your future clients are!