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OOH Transport Considerations Course

Time limit: 365 days

$50 Enroll

Full course description

Course Objectives:

  • Review practice guidelines for clinical scenarios that require transport to a medical facility.
  • Specifically discuss etiology and management detailed in "Emergency Transport" in Part IV of the NM Practice Guidelines.
  • Review current evidence and guidelines around transport criteria.
  • Review and understand the Homebirth Summit Guidelines "Best Practice Guidelines for Transfer from Planned Home Birth to Hospital".
  • Be familiar with current standards of practice in the field of midwifery
  • Know what information clients should be educated about before a transport is necessary 
  • Be familiar with how informed decisions during normal client care can affect transportations.
  • Understand the variability in practice guidelines and choose the clinical orientation most appropriate for practice and clientele
  • Understand the best legal documentation when a client refuses transportation. 
  • Address and be clear about what your personal limits are around transportation. 
  • Understand the importance of verbal code-switching. 
  • Consider how attire is a form of code-switching.
  • Learn about charting transports.
  • Know how to transfer a chart
  • Understand the importance of addressing the trauma that occurs with transports.
  • Considerations concerning debriefing and peer review.
  • How to follow up with receiving entities.
  • Understanding your role at the hospital.

Learning Activities:

  • Upload sample documentation of client education on transports
  • Upload sample practice documentation of client refusals to transport
  • Write policies and procedures for transportation
  • Create a transport location map and direct numbers
  • Create sample transport documentation to be provided to the receiving entity